Notice calling for Special General Meeting of the Branch



No. EKM/SGM/ELECTION 2019                                                     Date : 14-01-2019



All members of Ernakulam Branch of Southern India Regional Council


Dear Member,

Sub:      Notice for Special General Meeting of the members of its Branch


          This is to inform you that the Special General Meeting of the members of the ERNAKULAM Branch of the SOUTHERN India Regional Council will be held from  8.00 AM to 6.30 PM on 02/02/2019 (i.e., the 2nd  day of February, 2019)  in the premises of the Branch (“ ICAI Bhawan”, Diwan’s Road, Ernakulam, Kochi – 682016” ) for electing Seven members of its Managing Committee for the term 2019-2022.  The cut-off date to be reckoned for eligibility to vote and/or to stand for election to the Managing Committee of the Branch shall be immediate six months (as on 1st August, 2018) prior to the date of election. The important dates relating to the above elections are given below.

       Those members, who are desirous of standing for said election may submit their nomination form duly filled in and signed by the Candidate and by the Proposer and Seconder (both of whom shall be entitled to vote in the said branch election) together with a (non-refundable) nomination fee of Rs. 25/- by way of Demand Draft / Pay Order / Cheque drawn in favour of the “ERNAKULAM Branch of SIRC of ICAI” and payable at ERNAKULAM.   

          The nomination form duly filled in should be submitted in a sealed cover addressed to CA V.C. James , Returning Officer/Polling Officer at the above address of the Branch against an acknowledgement.  The blank nomination form can be had from the said Returning Officer or from the undersigned or from the branch premises effective from 14th JANUARY, 2019 till 5.00 PM of 21st JANUARY, 2019, i.e. the last date of receipt of nominations.  The said nomination form is also available on the website of the Branch. ( 




Last Date of receipt of nominations

21-01-2019, (till 5.00 p.m.)


Date of scrutiny of nominations



Display of list of valid nominations on the Notice Board of the Branch



Last date for withdrawal of nominations

25-01-2019 (till 5.00 p.m.)

5. Display of final list of nominations (after withdrawals, if any)


6. Date of Election (if the nominations exceed more than the number of vacancies)



Declaration of Result


The election, if necessary shall be held under the Single Transferable System of Voting by paper based ballot paper.

It may please be noted that there is change in the manner of recording preferences on the ballot paper, and Members are advised to mark their preferences only in Arabic numerals i.e. 1,2,3,4 and so on. Other modes of recording preferences on ballot paper, such as, Roman Numerals or in words (like I,II,III or One, Two, Three) have been discontinued and will be rendered invalid.


                                                                       Yours faithfully


                                                                                               CA. SREENIVASAN.P.R


                                                                            Ernakulam Branch of SIRC of ICAI